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Ethan Frome CD Pack

Ethan Frome CD Pack

Autor: Edith Wharton Retold by Susan Kingsley

English level:
CEF level B1STAGE 3 - Classics
DescriptionLife is always hard for the poor, in any place and at any time. Ethan Frome is a farmer in Massachusetts. He works long hours every day, but his farm makes very little money. His wife, Zeena, is a thin, grey woman, always complaining, and only interested in her own ill health.Then Mattie Silver, a young cousin, comes to live with the Fromes, to help Zeena and do the housework. Her bright smile and laughing voice bring light and hope into the Fromes' house - and into Ethan's lonely life.But poverty is a prison from which few people escape . . .
Key features* Word count 10,700
* CD: American EnglishDescription
Average story length: 56 pages
Average word count: 10,000
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