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Go, Lovely Rose and Other Stories

Go, Lovely Rose and Other Stories

Autor: H.E. Bates Retold by Roasemary Border

English level:
CEF level B1STAGE 3 - Human Interest
DescriptionA warm summer night. The moon shines down on the quiet houses and gardens. Everyone is asleep. Everyone except the man in pyjamas and slippers, standing on the wet grass at the end of his garden, watching and waiting . . .In these three short stories, H. E. Bates presents ordinary people like you and me. But as we get to know them better, we see that their feelings are not at all ordinary. In fact, what happens to them - and in them - is passionate, and even extraordinary. Could this happen to you and me?
Key features* Word count 8,065Description
Average story length: 56 pages
Average word count: 10,000
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